Our Philosophy

The roots of MHBC started almost 10 years ago with a desire to replace process sugar. What started out as two boxes of bees has developed into a family owned and operated gourmet honey company. At MHBC we strive to give the incredible honey bee the respect it earns and deserves. You won’t find any plastic squeeze bears in our store.

Motivated by the adulterated and often fraudulent honey products found on most grocery store shelves, we only carry and use raw, all natural, unheated, unfiltered honey. Honey that our bees are proud of. In addition to selling the best honey and honey products on the planet, we also sell all the equipment the hobby beekeeper needs to start their own adventure. We also sell bees, teach classes, and give presentations about honey bees and beekeeping. At MHBC we know bees and love to share this knowledge with anyone who has a minute to listen. Stop in our store and taste the best honey you have ever had. We can’t wait to see you.


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